POSSUM TRAPS NZ X 100 $6.00 ea


Three FREE Finger Lic'n Good lure flavours to choose from:  Aniseed, Cinnamon or Eucalyptus.

Possum Traps are supplied without a soft jaw.  Soft Jaws (rubber on the jaws) can be added for an extra $1 per Possum trap

100 X Possum Leghold Traps  $615.00 NZ

 * $6.00 each $15 Postage

( including 50ml bottle of concentrate lure FREE! recipe on bottle. Value $18.00 )

 We have researched other similar traps on the market and found through our own trapping experience and customer feed back from commercial and hobby trappers alike, that this trap has become a favourite.

* They consist of stronger zinc coated metal construction, stronger springs, held with larger rivets and a good secure chain which is most essential.

* They have a D on the end of the chain that spins freely and also where it joins the trap it spins freely, so the possum can't twist & tie the chain up and pull out.

* Through testing other traps we have found some brands can be set by hand as the springs are not strong enough. This is not the case with these traps!  Unless of course you have very strong hands.  We find setting them using your feet is a far easier and safer way.  Just press down on each side of the bar and flick the trigger over. We have lots of helpful tips in our booklet available in our accessories catagory.

If you want a good trap and value for money, then you have found it.

You can read some of our Trademe FEED BACK below.



* Awesome trader, did what was promised and I am stoked with the traps. Prompt service! Appreciate it. Cheers!!

* Good trade, very fast delivery and good quality traps 

* Sorry for taking so long, but was trying before replying. These traps are well worth the money spent. Great trade, more than   happy all round. Anyone wanting traps go for it. Thanks 

* Great traps guys, same quality as the ridiculously expensive Victor traps. My new traps have paid for themselves already! Great traders, good communication and very fast delivery. Thanks! 

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POSSUM TRAPS NZ X 100 $6.00 ea

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