SPOTLIGHT 15wx1200lms Rechargable, Handheld, Possum Hunting Spot


Limited Stock SPOTLIGHT 15wx1200lms Rechargable, Handheld, Possum Hunting Spotlight

T6 LED 15w x 1200 lumens, portable handheld spotlight 

We have tested these lights and use them ourselves and find them unbeatable! 

This spot light is 1200 lumen Cree LED spotlight has a 140mm reflector with a range up to 500 metres. This light has a powerful tightly focused beam. 

An Internal 3.7v 4ah Lithium rechargeable battery gives up to 2 hours of constant use between charges. 

These Spotlights are supplied with two chargers, one for 12 v cigarette plug with fuse inside (easily accessible) and another for 240 v wall plug. 

These lights offer strength with the added bonus of being very lightweight (465g). 

- Lightweight ABS plastic housing making it easy to hold for extended periods 
- Rechargeable battery with car and wall charger provided 
- Water resistant, shock resistant and dust proof 

- Bulb: 15 W Cree LED 
- Beam range: up to 500 metres 
- Housing: 140mm reflector 
- Lumens: 1200 
- Battery Type: 3.7V 4Ah Lithium (Rechargeable) 
- Battery life: Up to 2 Hours 
- Recharge time: 8 hours 
- Weight: 465g 
- Dimensions: 22cm(Height) x 20cm(Length) x 15cm(Width) 

The beam on this spotlight is wide making it ideal for floodlighting large areas, and so good being portable, no more lugging around a battery. 

These awesome spot lights are great for hunting, fishing, boating, camping, security, surveillance and Possum Shooting or anywhere a portable light is needed. 

Included in this auction: 

1x 15w LED Cree spotlight 
1x 240v wall charger 
1x 12v socket charger (fuse inside) 

We also sell red covers that simply click on for a subtle light if you have possums and hares turn away from light. You can add one in the options top right box.

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SPOTLIGHT 15wx1200lms Rechargable, Handheld, Possum Hunting Spot

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