SPOTLIGHT 25wx2000lms Rechargable, Handheld, Possum Hunting


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25W LED, 2000 lms, rechargeable portable handheld spotlight, with the option to charge on the bike, car or at home. 

We have tested this lights and use them ourselves and find them unbeatable! 

The beam on this spotlight is wide making it ideal for floodlighting large areas, and so good being portable, no more lugging around a battery. 

An Internal 7.4v 2.6ah Lithium rechargeable battery gives up to 3 hours of constant use between charges. These lights are supplied with two chargers, one for 12 volt cigarette plug and another for 240 volt wall plug. 

These lights offer strength with the added bonus of being very lightweight (460g) and strong, thanks to their ABS plastic shell. 


1. Lightweight ABS plastic housing making it easy to hold for hours. 
2. Rechargeable battery with car and wall charger provided. 
3. Water resistant, shock resistant and dust proof. 

- Bulb: 25W Cree LED 
- Beam range: up to 500 m 
- Housing: 120mm reflector 
- Lumens: 2000 
- Battery Type: 7.4V 2.6Ah Lithium (Rechargeable) 
- Battery life: Up to 3 hours 
- Recharge time: 3 hours 
- Weight: 460g 
- Dimensions: 19cm (Height) x 19 cm(Length) x 12cm (Width) 

These awesome spot lights are great for hunting, fishing, boating, camping, security, surveillance and Possum Shooting or anywhere a portable light is needed. 

Included in this auction: 
1x 25w LED Cree spotlight 
1x 240v wall charger 
1x 12v socket charger 

12 Month warranty Included! 

We also sell red covers that simply click on for a subtle light if you have possums and hares turn away from light.  You can add one by choosing the option in the top right box. 

Postage included in NZ 

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SPOTLIGHT 25wx2000lms Rechargable, Handheld, Possum Hunting

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